• my final thought before making most decisions: fuck it







what the heck harry turns 20 in 4 months he was like 16 yesterday

1st world problems

Harry’s older than that. Rowling said he was born in ‘80. He’s like 33 now

another episode on ‘is this post about harry potter or harry styles”

and here I thought they were talking about the prince

what up Britain time to get some new names 

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Some new years resolutions twentysomethings can actually follow?



1. Wash your bedsheets.

2. Spend half as much time feeling sorry for yourself as you spend doing something about it. 

3. The word “twentysomething” describes your age. Stop using it as a crutch to describe your limitations. The economy is shitty, healthcare is hard, and college loans are steeped. Still: you’re not a goddamn Time Magazine thinkpiece. You are a person who steers your own ship. Start being a captain.    

4. Maintain a saving account that you can survive on for 3 “i’m fucked” months.

5. Take a leap. If you don’t do something you’re scared of now, you’re wasting your mortality.  

6. Get back to doing some of the things you loved before all of that noise drowned it out. 

7. You are an adult. Learn to drink like one.

8. Be fucking nicer. 

9. Maintain your: friendships, fridge, and gmail folder

10. Stop underestimating yourself.

I love this